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Boil It – an Android application

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Boil It – is a kitchen application useful during cooking. It helps remind about dishes you cook and define timers and categories for them. It is available for Android Devices ready. Read more

Embedded Keycloak Java Library

embedded keycloak java library

Embedded Keycloak is a Java based library for running Keycloak inside your application’s JVM. It helps you validate your application’s security rules. Read more.

Embedded Keycloak Java Library for Spring Framework

embedded keycloak java library for spring framework

Embedded Keycloak Java Library for Spring Framework is out-of-the-box solution, ready to use with Spring Framework. It requires just one annotation to run. Read more.

Maven non-root Docker images

Non-root images are useful when desired command cannot be run as root user. Official Maven Images come with root user by default. That’s why we developed alternative – Apache Maven non-root images.